Suncheon’s Matter

Suncheon’s Matter, 2018, 16mm film, 6′

Work on the Korean landscapes.Suncheon is a city on the south coast of the South Korea. I’ve worked on the Korean landscapes, that was unknow for me, and whose the only imageries that I can saw was the pictures on internet. False reality, deceptive views. So I made the choice to begin a work on the basis of satellite views of this city, I tried to find the most objective imageries as far as possible.
I’ve transferred those imageries on 16mm film with the use of solvent. The celluloid matter and the printed pictures become the landscape. Suncheon’s streets and roofs reveal geometric patterns on the film that become abstract pictures during the high speed projection. I chose some objective views and brought them to a more subjective abstraction that reveal the matter of the picture.
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