Step 1 : Roland Barthes’s text translation

The beginning of this research was a Roland Barthes’s text from Le Bruissement de la Langue 

If I had to imagine a new Robinson, I wouldn’t set him on a desert Island, but in a twelve millions inhabitants city, which he couldn’t decipher neither the talking, nor the writing.

From this sentence, with translation plays, I finished to a sentence that became the name of this research work : A monk who is not an island. I proceeded to a first translation direction (french > english > korean) before to use the software in the other way.

This first step is the strating point of the research work. I tested differents cut/collage plays, handwriting, camera dispositions for create some bugs into the software.
The words (often meaningless) appears in horizontal, but also in vertical. Some of theme move until the picture’s side, outside the original text.



Translation games with text photographs.  Selections of random parts to translate with fingerprints made in a spontaneous movement.
The software try to find real sentences, creating some characteres combinations .

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